Work Days

As part of the co-op experience, parents are required to participate during regular school hours. This allows for a safe well-supervised environment and gives the parent the opportunity to observe his/her own child in action. One parent is required to participate once every week whether the child attends a  Junior or Senior program.


Our annual Halloween Fun Faire and Auction is the biggest fundraiser for our school, and all families are required to work at this event and in one of the Fun Faire or Auction Committee Jobs. Each family is responsible for selling raffle tickets for this event. In addition, families are required to sign up for e-Scrip, a program which allows you to register your grocery/gas loyalty cards and other credit cards so whenever you make purchases a portion of the money spent is donated to St. Paul’s (there is no cost to you). These additional funds are used to purchase new equipment and make school improvements.

School Maintenance

Each family attends two Sparkling Saturdays a year (3 hours each), where we get together as a community to give the school a deep clean and perform any needed maintenance. In addition, each family is responsible for Ragtime (towel washing) once per year. Depending on enrollment, buy-outs may be available.

School Job

Each family is required to sign up for a “job” that will enhance our children’s preschool experience (e.g. small repairs, hospitality, maintenance, board positions and key job chairs). It is a chance to add your special skills and imagination to our school. See a complete list of St. Paul’s School Jobs and the St. Paul’s Board & Key Jobs.

Parents are required to attend a parent orientation, parent training, and CPR class in September. Optional parent education and discussion groups are also offered throughout the year. These informal groups allow for an exchange of information between parents and teachers on a variety of pertinent subjects.

Parent Education